I'm A Voice Over Artist
At Your Service

"When we hear the human voice, we hear life!"
Voice Description:

A soft spoken, easy-going sound that has been described as soothing, yet agile and quite articulate. My specialties are narration, e-Learning and anything conversational & soft sell.

Added Skills:

 - Languages: Afrikaans & English (Bilingual)

 - Production: Fully capable of editing an entire project, I also produce my own demos and every file I send out to a client is prepped for the best possible production advantage. I want to save you time; just slot and play!

 - Translation: As someone who is fully bilingual and loves languages to a fault, I can do your job in Afrikaans and English and do the copy translation for you, including for dubbing.

Using me as your voice over artist, that understands production, gives you the edge to stay ahead!

What are we waiting for?!
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A Short Story:

That Little Square Box  by  Arthur  Conan  Doyle

   Amidst all the stress of Covid-19, this short story has proven to be a pleasant distraction. Listen for the twist! :D

Check out the description on YouTube for more info!

Clear Vision - Beautiful Audio

 - Microphone: DIXON UD-20 USB Condenser Mic
 - DAW: Audacity, Blender, Anvil Studio, LMMS, etc. with various VST plugins
 - Computers: I have a Microsoft(R) Windows based setup.