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September 21, 2021
Hey all!

I'm so excited to share this with you!  A new story!!

Little background: A short while ago, I started talking to a company's social media manager on insta and we just hit it off! I adore this dude!! He's so cool! Anyway, Staedtler has these competitions where you sometimes draw, sometimes take pic and sometimes write a story. The first competition of their's I entered was actually a story writing comp and I wrote it so fast! It wasn't the most original concept - body switch - but I loved it! Still original.

Didn't win, but I did try and so I have a story I can produce. A few months later, after meeting that new friend, he asked me what I have in production or how far I am with a second competition's story and I bit the bullet and produced that new story in a flash and got it up. That is this: A Choice To Blast - kinda makes me think of the vaccines - and this was before all the "vaccines are the mark of the beast" nonsense, lol. Just goes to show how instinctively we really operate as people. 

So, here is the story - enjoy!!!

Welcome back! lol.

But wait, there's more, hahaha! Just too easy! Seriously though, there is. I noticed in my about section here that I did tell you about the 3D stuff, but never actually linked you guys to that, and that's on me, so, with this here blog post, you can access my:

Pixabay, Blendswap, BibleAnimations, Panther Dynamics, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud, CGTrader and of course, email!

Yes, it is a lot, hahaha. Most of it doesn't require a lot of attention, because I kinda put stuff up for you guys and you use it as you need it. For example, the 3D models on CGTrader stay there. The same with SoundCloud, Blendswap, Youtube and Pixabay. Make no mistake, I respond to comments and DM's. I don't believe in ignoring your followers and contacting them only when you want something, lol, NO, lol. That's horribly one-sided. It doesn't mean that everyone who does, does so on purpose, because I have terribly quiet times too - see my posting dates, lol. My comments, DM's and emails are absolutely always up to date! Same day if at all possible.

So what causes such a silence? Life and work. Making these posts take a lot of time and effort to do well, so sometimes I just feel like: "I'll do it later" and it just never happens, LOL. Sound familiar? Anyone? lol

Doesn't mean I don't try. With the models, will talk about them now, I get to update you guys more and share more tips!

Wait, go back! What models? Well, I am so glad you asked! lol.

As I just shamelessly blurted my secret - that I do 3D too - I suppose you'd have found out anyway. I've done a few short films and there is a ton of material that can be extremely useful to you guys (or 3D artists you know). This has led me full circle to uploading models for sale on CGTrader!

"NO!" you say


I created some pages to link back to the store from my sites, so I draw the right kind of attention and 'tis there that I also started writing about a tip I want to continue with here - how to approach a social media marketing strategy. Specifically how to target your audience correctly. You can find the first part here.


When we last left our social media hero we were talking about how we can not be tooo salesly while applying the 80-20 rule as a starting point. Now, we're gonna talk about the tools at our disposal:
- Tagging - Hashtags - Groups - Platforms - Content - Friends - Engagement -

Let me just add here if your friends are tools, you need to find new friends, LOL!!! Again, too easy! hahaha.

Moving on - the most important I've found are all of them in the right amount.

Let me give you an example. I have a friend down in DBN who owns a studio. She's fantastic at what she does and she asked me to come and give a workshop. Which covid-ed out... Anyway, that is an example of using a friend (her using me) in the right way. Now, you can also use a friend the other way around, where you ask them to do you a favor. Again, same friend example, where I know they're working on a particular project that I'd love to be on, so I simply made myself available for it. It's totally up to her whether she brings me on board, but you don't know if you don't ask. NOW, BIG DISCLAIMER - YOU ARE NOT SOMEONE'S FRIEND IF YOU ONLY CONTACT THEM BECAUSE YOU WANT SOMETHING. I've had people try to manipulate me for my project files and stuff and I'm not pleased. You can contact a friend because you want something, but not only for that. It's the only that makes it abusive and spammy.

A word of caution - tread lightly! People are people and you have to give, not just take. I'm gonna give another example. I'm a fan of many a singer. I'd love to one day be able to sing alongside them, but, if I'm a jerk and selfish fanboy, how likely am I to get such a chance and it go well? Now, if I follow them as a genuine fan, which I am, and I comment, share, like, interact, make them fan art just cause, etc, it builds a solid expectation of good will, because that's what it is. Now, if a chance does arise for me to sing with them or even someone else that knows them, how will it go now? See the difference? Don't just use people! Be good to people and lift them up, because it always comes back, even if through someone else. The world is too small to try and take advantage of people like that...

And with that, the lecture is adjourned. Your homework is written on the board, LOL! JK!

Okay, so that covers the relational side of marketing - a VERY powerful tool if you're sincere! 

Next, hastags!

SO underrated! If you don't riddle your post with them, it is a very useful tool to organize your posts with others like it and increase visibility. I find that the personable tags I use on Instagram are extremely effective for the posts I put up most of the time, so I'm very happy there. On FB, I still get good views, but honestly, sometimes it's downright awful, so if you do get hit or miss for a while, don't be afraid to keep trying. It can really make your posts engagement like 20x better! Use them wisely! haha. I honestly still don't get why people say two or three max... It feels like them saying: "File your posts so fewer people will see it."

I've seen them to be most effective if you use a general batch of the same relevant tags, with unique ones to the post, so you can keep getting your posts to the same people that explore those tags and share with new faces.

Quick side tip! Explore tags and engage! Engage does not equal spam. If you comment, comment for real and do it with only a few posts. The algorithms do not favor excessive activity, because you appear to be a spammer, even when you're actually building relationships. I've had FB lock me out of my own account for telling a friend that their work is great. Yeah, I violate terms like that - it's totally against community guidelines to encourage a friend... won't make that mistake again, lol. Next time, I'll start with: "Do better! You SUCK!" or "Anything else you'd like to do?..." LOL. Bear in mind that this is a platform that I've NEVER even engaged with hashtag exploration or commenting... Low level flying people!

Oh no, the signal dropped! lol. This is where I cut this one off!

So, I hope you enjoyed the new story! Check out my social medias and subscribe, follow, etc for more content as I upload it. I'd hate for you to miss out on anything!

Free stuff all 'round my websites and other platforms! :D

Models available on CGTrader! Go get some! lol.

Hope you have a super day!!

GOD bless you!!! (^^,)


Voice Over Challenge

December 3, 2020
Hey all!

Today was the most unexpected thing!

I usually comment on Joshua Alexander's blog - which I adore btw! And I always try to come with something comical, sometimes though funny, his posts hit a little close to home - I guess it's because we both have a background in wedding videography, lol.

So anyway, I was late to comment on his latest post, because the week has just been insane to say the least, but when I finally got to it, he issued me a casual challenge - to produce my comment. He e...

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That Square Little Box - Short Story

May 9, 2020
Hey all!

   This is a short story I recorded recently. I've been looking for something to record and a short story was a given choice. Looking through a few public domain options, Arthur Conan Doyle's That Little Square Box was super! I will keep saying it, I love the twist at the end - no spoilers below btw!

The entire thing was pieced together in Blender's VSE. I had to do a lot of work for it in Audacity and Anvil Studio, but Blender just did a better final mix, because of it's ability to ke...

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Let's talk Voice Over

March 30, 2019
Hey all!

I recently got to give my web presence a bit of a face lift - like yay! haha.

I also recently made some voice over demos. I have to say, I absolutely love doing voice over work. To make a demo, you need material that doesn't belong to someone else and the LORD generously gave me a swift motivation to make some demos and over a period of two days, I made 7 demos. 7! I was so tired afterward, hahaha.

You can check them out in this playlist!

So getting back to material you can use. When you...

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New Node Groups

October 8, 2018
Hey all!

Recently I got to upload quite a lot to the Panther Dynamics main website. While it's not large in file size, it certainly makes Blender's compositor just much more useful!

Today, I got to add two new additions. While they essentially perform the same task, one allows for scene integration and the other is traditional in its approach. I'm talking about pixelation!

Pixelation is, like any other style, used for various things. Often when people think of pixelation, they think of pixel art...
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Colored outlines with Freestyle

May 12, 2017
Hey all!

Last night I got a tutorial request from ChrisToons on YouTube. He requested a video about how to make colored outlines with Freestyle and initially, I thought this would be on of those things where it's so easy to do, there is no point to making a video, so I sent him some links and went looking for a video. I did not find anything that I had peace about sharing, though I did send him some links, which you will find at the end of this post.

Anyway, after some debating and going back a...
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Removing packed textures

April 17, 2017
Hey all!

A friend from Italy asked me if I could make a small video for him that would explain and show how to remove packed textures. I wanted to refer him to a YouTube video, because I had a serious garden day and other stuff, but oh snap, there was nothing! I mean nothing! Even in searching Google you find relatively little information.

I think this may be because it is sometimes something only newer users struggle with, but it seems to be enough of an issue that it warrants a quick tip, bec...
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For Anime - Flag

April 8, 2017
Hey all!!!

Wow, this week really kicks off with a bang! A new example or experimental video, followed shortly by a tutorial! This week is certainly off to a wonderful start!
   If you do Blender tutorials, you have certainly done one of Andrew Price's many many amazing tutorials. I have learned a lot from him and this week, he uploaded a new video - making an animated flag! Of course, his is realistic, so, this was the way I was led! :D

GOD is so great!

Very shortly after uploading the video, I g...

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Bible Animations time

March 21, 2017
Hey all!!

Most of you have noticed that this blog is extremely quiet. The reason for that is that I have not been able to get to tutorials of pretty much any kind. My sole focus has been the current Bible animations, which is by far the largest project yet and will take the most effort. That means that this blog, as well as the main website blog, take a back seat to the Bible Animations Blog, which you can find here:

!!!!!CLICK HERE!!!!!

Just to give you an idea of what to expect, here is the Vl...

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Pick it up

January 19, 2017
Hey all!

Another quick tip!

GOD is so great!

Now, it's been a while since I actually got to make a quick tip video. I like these for many reasons, but most of all, that it's not hidden somewhere in a tutorial with a different name - very very easy access.

As you guys know, I also got to put up another video today about how to create a newer style candle for anime style animations and this one flows from that video. While I was working on it, GOD gave me the solution for the picking up of an objec...

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