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I've always been, you might say artsy. This has led me into exploring all manner of art! I've done coding, visual programming, traditional art, digital art and both video and audio production. When I get the chance, I also adore singing and playing violin.

This varied experience has gotten me into quite a few things with my voice as well! I've done 60+ Blender tutorials, a handful of public domain songs with my own arrangements and I've even produced an original song for a large scale project I'm working on!

"Jack of all trades!" I hear you say, but I say nay! lol. I specialized in two things - my voice and 3D animation. 

In voice overs I just can't get enough of story telling, teaching and commercials!

Narration style commercial copy is usually my favorite! Think car ads and even that last bit of a washing powder ad - LOVE doing that!!

Narration and conversational style voice work are my jam!! Whether for documentaries, educational content, house showings or the odd radio commercial, my voice is naturally calm, soothing and welcoming.

Thank you for visiting! I look forward to hearing from you!
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